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Sproutwell were in search of a full e-commerce overhaul and brand update to increase efficiency, provide knowledge and improve their digital customer experience.


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Same brand, new experience

Sproutwell came to us with a vision for improving their online shopping experience, and to overhaul the backend of their aniquated e-commerce website. A big reason for the change was to alieviate pain points and bottle necks in their existing inventory and ordering system, allowing for much faster transactions and a better overall employee and customer experience.

We wanted to stay close to Sproutwell’s existing branding, but add enough personality to seperate them from rival companies in Australia. By request we kept the logo the same, tweaked the color palette, added a modern type combination and updated the visuals, providing the brand with a much needed 2020 refresh.

Sproutwell Website Design
Sproutwell Website Design

How to buy a Sproutwell™ Greenhouse

With such a complex range of product lines, key information and knowledge needed to be present and easily accessible throughout the shopping experience, along with strategically placed call to actions around topics that we had identified as problematic in our research.

We also wanted to highlight the differences between consumer and commercial product ranges in a logical but informative way, ensuring that different users were being catered to throughout the website. Our strategy was to funnel first time shoppers through knowledge/information pages before they began browsing, allowing for a more informed purchase.

Sproutwell Website Design

You had a question? We have answers

When looking at incoming enquiries and overall user feedback, one of the key takeaways was that we needed to restructure information and provide a better solution for frequently asked questions.

We created a robust FAQ page and contact form encouraging customers to self educate and search for answers to questions first, allowing for increased efficiency and a better experience on both sides.

Sproutwell Website Design

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