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Improving the sales experience


LightSpeed is a bespoke backend CRM for Lighthouse Digital, a digital marketing and advertising agency. The sales contract system I developed was designed to improve the sales process and enable consultants to digitally on-board new customers, removing the need for physical paperwork and dramatically improving response time from other departments.


Usability Testing, User Interface Design, Prototyping

The existing system and a plan for the future

The sales contract enabled consultants to sign new clients using a physical contracts or editable PDF (pictured right). The process was extremely outdated and in need of some digital love. After an initial consultation with the general manager and sales director, we decided that the best approach would be to incorporate the sales contract and process into LightSpeed, an existing bespoke CRM they had built for managing leads and financial information.

The upside to this process meant that immediately after signing a new client the automated system could then send emails to each department (sales, design, financial etc) in real time. This would increase response time for action points in the sales process dramatically giving customers a great first impression. It would also increase confidence in the brand and allow for a much better customer experience overall.

Issues, wants and needs

The original sales contract had several jobs:

  • Collect general customer information
  • Collect product information and requirements
  • Display the pricing options and total cost
  • Gain customer signature and sign-off

With these user requirements I interviewed the sales consultants to gain further insight into pain points with the existing contract and developed desired features to be included in the new system.

Pain Points:

  • Manual entry of customer information is cumbersome and time-consuming
  • Manual entry of site locations for advertisements was difficult as new sites were being added each week and the list had to be manually printed each week to ensure that all sites were being considered
  • The payment options had to be manually calculated at the time of signing for the client, and was time-consuming
  • The time between signing and returning to the office with information meant the contract was almost always actioned the following day instead of immediately meaning a delay in all other action points

Desired Features:

  • Automatic field entry and drop-down menus for certain fields
  • Up to date selection of site locations pulled from data in the CRM
  • Automatic calculation of payments based on field input in the contract
  • Digitally secure signatures
  • Automatic emails to be sent to relevant departments for immediate action and accountability

Creating an intuitive sales process

Taking all of the research and feedback into consideration, I ensured the new sales contract simplified and improved the process by incorporating innovative ideas and ways to input the neccesary information.

Company Details
Advertising Information
Payment Details
Agreement & Confirmation
Outcome and future goals

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive from the project. The sales team went from an average time of 15 minutes per form to an average of 3 minutes per form. The customers were impressed with the turnaround and response time and one commented that they had never experienced customer service that was as prompt or reliable.

Looking forward, the team has expressed the desire to take a further look into improving user experience with other segments of the business and are open to exploring new ideas.